Ps 4

For games enthusiasts ps4 ni how much I need to get several for my teen cousins
Naeza buy wapi? Anyone with a feasible deal is welcome
P.s learnt to appreciate my “are na ario aiya” after the stephjoy incident…

angalia jumia

individual ps4 games go for a minimum of 5k brand new…used games you will be buying at 3k a piece

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just get a computer pc which uses Nvidia graphics. way way better than ps 4. comp games in tao cost around 300 bob while ps4 games are around 5k; playstation 4 ya nini sasa? tafuta pc

For ps 4 nunua olx ama Accra plaza hapo 1st floor there is a guy called M.r Bean he is a chinese he sells stuffs very cheap.


Kill three birds with one stone…Buy them a laptop , install PC games and buy game pads…Better graphics, PC games are cheap, and you can “dictate” when they play.


Where can I get game pads in nairobi?

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You should be looking for sanitary pads

They are everywhere at the CBD ranging from 300 ksh to 500 ksh. I have mine which i bought in 2013 for 500 bob in moi avenue and upto now its still serving me strong.

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wewe nakam nai tuchange team,

@Hash_Tag has answered you.

uko na pc?

Core i5, 6 GB RAM, Nvidia geforce gtx 750 ti, tower pc. Hata playstation 10 ikiwaitokea haitoshi mboga bado, hehehh!! Pc is way better IEO (in everyones’ opinion)

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haha i7 2600k 8gb ram msi gtx 970 we hucheza online?

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Da faaaq? Hehehh! Hapo sina come-back; that machine is a monster. Yeah I play online but most of my games are cracked the ones in kickasstorrent so Am not online most of the time. What cooling system do you use? Ebu screen-shot ya iyo machine mboss eih!

On the same note @Hash_Tag I need to assemble a serious PC. Could you point me in the right direction?

A pc tower is the best. Do u want one for heavy gaming and design or a pc for work/music/movies and light gaming?
Olx is the best place as there you’ll find exactly what you want either new or second hand depending on your budget. There are also already fully assembled towers which you just compare and choose one that’ll suit you or you can buy single parts and build your preffered pc. I got my laptop nd pc hapo 2 olx. The sellers of course are based at the CBD or if ur buying from an individual you will have to meet, test the product then purchase it.

Sawa budah