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Can anyone give me a suggestion of a proxy extension (be it mozilla firefox, opera or Chrome) that can help me bypass blocked websites like youtube etc at my workplace. Currently am using Kproxy but since am free user i can only surf for 30 minutes then it expires and I have to wait for another 30minutes so as to continue. As you give your suggestion keep in mind its a domain and being a guest user I have no installation privilege (although portable exe. softwares usually comes in handy).


Tumia opera browser. Kila kitu ni kama chrome na wameongezea free unlimited VPN. Uki sha download, click the VPN extension. It is left of that box you write website. Mdosi anatumia software gani ku block internet?


That’s the portable opera am using. Mozilla ndo tu yenyewe imeintalliwa ni admin. Regarding the blocking software not unless niulize IT dept.

Fungua website ingine isipukuwa Start page


Naona leo uko determined kuwasha nduthi vilivyo…

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porn websites are open btw

  1. ZenMate
  2. Hoxx

Let me try Zenmate, hoxx imekata kuingia server

Privacy and security(last one on the list)
Enable VPN tick[ATTACH=full]133839[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]133839[/ATTACH]

[ATTACH=full]133841[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]133841[/ATTACH]

Thanks but all those servers are currently unavailable.

Kwetu wame install cyberom na ninoma sana.

Tumia Cyberghost…even though pia configuration ya blocking software by system admin ndo ita determine access ya some websites even if you use proxy websites na servers

@lawi download TOR browser put it in a flash disk, when at work plug in the flash drive and launch tor and go on with your browsing.

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I remember kuna cyber cafè I used to visit naenda nasimasha timer exactly at 1hr that it 30bob saaizo nimekaa like 3hrs. Kumbe mwenyewe ni ka it expert somewhere kwa n.g.o akanifumania and I was banned completely kwa cyber zake.
One day ikaniita nimformatie comp zake niliacha nimeziweka shortcut Trojan zote


Tumia izi…Used to use campo…

…He he I thought formatting PCs is easy for an I.T expert?


All those extensions nimetumia kproxy serves me best, even if am a guest with kproxy nitaiingia youtube, and all the social sites wamefunga

Nipe hio trick i’ll appreciate :smiley: