Protestors and police officers clash in OSUMU

Police officers have clashed with protestors in Kisumu as anti-IEBC demonstrations kicked off countrywide - Protesters in Kondele lit bonfires and blocked roads, forcing police officers to use teargas to disperse them.

The anti-IEBC demonstrations have also kicked off in Mombasa, Nairobi, Juja and some areas in Embu - NASA leaders had earlier on stated the demonstrations will take place every Monday and Friday until top IEBC officials including CEO Ezra Chiloba leave office Anti-IEBC demonstrations have kicked off in Kisumu, Mombasa, Kakamega, Alego, Embu, Juja and other areas with police engaging demonstrators.

The peaceful protests have been called by NASA leader and flag bearer Raila Odinga who is demanding the resignation of top IEBC officials including CEO Ezra Chiloba. Raila says the officials cannot be allowed to manage the repeat presidential election set for October 26,2017.

Top NASA leaders including Raila were on Monday holed up in a meeting ahead of the demo in Nairobi. They also sent ‘scouts’ within the CBD to access the situation before they could participate on the protest.On Monday October, 2, Kisumu Women Rep Rosa Buyu and former Kakamega Senator Boni Khalwale led the demos in Kisumu and Kakamega. Protesters in Kondele lit bonfires and blocked roads, forcing police officers to use teargas to disperse them. The officers at one time run out of teargas and were forced to seek refuge in Kondele police station as protesters pelted them with stones.

24 Days to go.
Jubilee politicians and supporters have issued Uhuru a stern warning in case demons visit him again and he gets thoughts of sitting down to talk with Raila. We are tired of the warlord.
Kama kitaumana kiumane. But never again in Kenya’s future will the losing side pretend they can dictate terms, cause violence then get a nusu mkate. This culture must be brought to an end before it matures.
Ata US Hillary took her L without drama.
Police should let them demonstrate without bothering them, unless they start destroying property. After all, demos without teargas are very boring.
Uhuru hold still. This time round Raila does not have 6 months to remove IEBC. He only has 3 weeks. The economy can wait until we deal with the warlord on Oct 26.
We are in the final stretch to send Baba to Bondo. The last 10% are always the hardest.