Protestants, shida yenu huwa nini haswa?

Huyu hapa ni mtu na meno zake 32 anatumia kichwa kama kabati ya meno. Hapa am sure huyu mkora akiomba 10 sum kondoo haziwezi mind with basement level I. Q

others were busy celebrating their mum’s birthday as she turned 25

Mbona sikuelewi? Kafafanue zaidi.

How do you know that she is a protestant?

We msee wa Homescience, hio swali yako jiwekee. No need wasting time arguing over crystal reality.

I see all protestants in the world there… Umeffi shode stop generalizing… I know of more silly catholics

happy birthday mom - General - Kenya Talk

Utapata ni mtu amefika atleast form 4.
Lakini mimi husema kama Church ya Gakuyo na Apostle Ng’ang’a bado inajaa anything can happen including Grown up men holding placards to wish an ugly looking woman a happy 25th birthday.
@Ken_Sarro injajuok

umeffi ni hizi generalizing zako za ujinga. There are stupid Catholic adherents as well as protestants. the term is not reserved for one group. You should have criticised the lady alone without including other innocent groups

Tembelea profile yake. The funny thing up now she has not deleted the post

Wengine hujifunga mshipi wa bomb. Tafakari.

Catholics mko na shida sana. Ati when repenting a priest tells you to go and recite Hail Mary 38 times so that your sins are forgiven. Ukitoka hapo unaenda unakula lanye alafu ukirudi confession padre anaongeza dose. This time you will recite Hail Mary 76 times and The Lord’s Prayer 10 times. But ukimpromise kakitu hiyo Hail Mary utasema tuu 10 times na dhambi zinasamehewa

Anaitwo Jesu wa Nairofi. And there is nothing wrong with taking photos.

Does she represent all protestants?

This “Jesus” will be getting that easy money all because of ignorance. Sometimes it’s best to let wildebeests be eaten by crocodiles because you can’t keep intervening on their behalf.

The other is a media personality of a vernacular station of KBC from a Mid-eastern county.

Sema Tibim!! Kwanza she is your neighbor from Rongai

Wachana na huyo mjinga. The male version of trueman kapanty. Raising arguments from nothing.

Evangelicals, not Protestants

Mjinga ni wewe na profiling in 2019. You go to church for the same reason but you think your reasons are more superior than her reasons