Prostitution :the final stronghold of sexualized male dominance

Full disclosure : I’m not big on labels but I admit that I can pass for what people call a feminist. I am a feminist who is prolife meaning I’m against termination of pregnancy. In this piece I will put across some salient points as a feminist abolitionist. An abolitionist is a person who wants prostitution to be abolished completely, like how slavery was abolished and all attempts to enslave anyone is a serious criminal offense that has a punishment of hard time. I’ve been called a neo Marxist feminist because I believe in the transformation of society more than maintaining toxic status quo. If you are a consumer of commercial sexual services, this is not an attack, just read this with an open mind and as an intellectual who is willing to have your frame of reference challenged with facts with out taking any offense.

Enough on the introductory statements, let’s get into the meat and bones of it, shall we? Prostitution aside, human sexuality is actually perverted into the eroticization of predatory behavior, be it male/female, gey, pedophilia or any other forms of sexual acts.

You are nothing but a sexually starved uji brained feminist who only lacks Enigma’s uncut black veined anaconda to become a fully fledged tree loving sexually liberated woman.