prostitution is over rated

Do you know marriage is the cheppest way of having sex??
You pay dowry of 200k and you stay with the woman for more than 30yrs, which means you pay Sh6667 per year, Sh556 per month and Sh19bob per day or less and you go as many rounds as you wish. Why go for a prostitute to pay 1000 for one stand tena round moja.
Wanaume muoe na tuwache ujinga.

Kwani huyu bibi atakuwa anakula nyasi na kuvaa paperbags?

I can bet this kinda gif is coming your way in the next few…


Ps:[SIZE=2]200k? Seriously?[/SIZE]

A motherfucker : Yo Jimit, when was the last time you saw this shit??

Me: When they were circumcising Vasco Da Gam

A motherfucker: And when did they circumcise Vasco Da Meffi

Me: When I saw this shit

A motherfucker: Fuck the owner

How did u ever come up with such figures and what prompted u to calculate? Kweli an idle mind…

A wife is just a permanent resident prostitute([SIZE=1]sio mimi nilisema[/SIZE]).Kosa pesa ndio utajua hujui

shiny eyes watakuitisha one million or more

Really what a shame…get a life kid.

Na hii village haelewi kuwa @GeorginaMakena ana umeffi wa stay at home pokoste…hata miti haiwezi tibu akili ikiwa imefungwa kama yake ni kama Ku explain poko was sj atumia savings afungue soko… Lakini OP hehe


Hio tuliona wakati waititu alikuwa akisafisha Macho huko India

Warped logic.

Marriage is just legalized prostitution in which the man slaves to the benefit of the wife and his offspring… Dowry ya 200k is just down-payment for the lifelong slavery a man will endure till death… He will be drained financially and emotionally…
Then if he fails to have a wife, society itamwambia ‘he’s not man enough’ coz he’s not being drained financially and emotionally…

Enyewe, misery loves company.

Wiser words have never been said, married puthi is the most expensive one you can get. Utailipia mpaka the day you die.


So your father is a slave???

I love the way men use reverse psychology. They enslave women through marriage then flip the script that its men who were the slaves. Lemme draw you a few real parallels between slavery and marriage for women.

The woman leaves her family where she grew up to be ‘adopted’ by a family of strangers to the point that you’ll even be buried there, from Africa to the slave masters home

The woman bears kids who bear the man’s surname, she also bears the man’s family name,so her identity is obliterated much like slaves got mzungu names to delete their african identity, they took the slavemasters name. If a woman is kiyuk her identity is that of a kikuyu but if she marries a luo she takes on the identity of a luo,people hear her name and think she’s luo. She must follow the customs and traditions and religion/denomination of her husband.

The woman cooks ,cleans ,bears and rears children and contributes financially to this man and his family. If she is dumped by the man shes the one likely to take care of the kids, there goes her finances to raise a man’s kids singlehandedly while the man gets anther woman and begins another family with them, a man can do this as many times as possible hence the logic of child support as a deterrent for men who zalisha women then move on without taking any responsibility for the child

As for sex, since 81% of women dont get orgasms its obvious that sex is just another chore like cooking and cleaning. Women come from work go to the kitchen , care for the kids all while the man sits reads papers and watches tv all evening then goes to bed after eating the meal the wife cooked then wait for her exhasted body to entertain him sexually.

Hii si ndio definition ya utumwa?

And then after all this men still want to say they are victims, victims of what?

200k?? Unajua hiyo pesa inaweza nunua gari kijana ama ploti. Ni ujijenge kimaisha ama niusumbuane na msichana kwa nyumba.

Na btw paperbags zilibaniwa

Georgina makende mungikiress

Are you muchatha reloaded wa klost?