Having sex with prostitutes has nothing to do with cheating, it´s just that men need to screw. Women including wives should try and understand that sex is a physical need for all men. Prostitutes will help a man out. For me, sex with whores is one of the essential things in life. I’ve fucked thousands of women, 45% of them are whores that I pay. There are ones who let me cum in their throats, they are troopers


@jaymoh alikamua ile nyoka ilikuwa ikiwatch porno kwa hoteli?


niaje mungikki mijinga

Naswa Naswa Naswa Nawsa hao Naswa maDVD. NASWA MDVD

Sato game ya kwanza ni mancity vs liverpool

Pure blood hakuli nje
Kunya rwara mungich…

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yu fucked whores and you expect kukamua ur wfe the same… niggah ths nt kul…

Pureblood atajipata.amefanya inbreeding

No haiezekani

Hii njeve na hii thread hazipelekani pamoja , Ni njeve iko mbele yenu ama?

Nimeachia hapa, palmela is not a woman…swine!

Power to you. I focus on quality not quantity

So unataka tupige makofi ama tukusaidie aje?