Prophet Owuor's Warnig To Kenya Media Houses

The two mightiest prophets is so mad this time and let this be a warning to Kenya Media houses who
try to get on his way. WATCH

usiseme prophet, sema Profit Oduor

Observe the plural my fren,


Mpaka waliweka demakufu kwa hii mix yao.

sijamaliza hii kitu inakaa brainwashing uchawi repeating the mightiest mightiest prophet of the lord

Wajinga ndio huliwao

Ktalk is getting shittier by the day. It’s end is nigh.

Sikuweza kupita the first annoying loop.

Teren teren…

Umbwa yeye profit mwitu anafaa apelekwe inda achunishwe.

What would God do? He wouldn’t go giving shitty warnings but would smite his enemies and those who use his name in vain.

Yule lawyer alijua hajui, karibu property iende. At least her family made the right call.

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the marriage dinner parable

:D:D:D:D Made my evening. Trapped a my beloved one for 2 yrs. But glad at the moment of Brokenness her mind started working again