Prophecies for 2020: Was there any that came to pass?

Can we share prophecies for 2020 and show us how they came to pass, if the did?

Check out some of the prophecies have come to pass on “sidroth its supernatural” youtube channel. For me i am waiting for one major prophecy to come to pass, and it will

Waiting while you’re alive? Or perhaps dead? The golgotha people are still waiting or thats a different issue? Are asian non xtians exempted ama wataachwa? What makes xtianity better than all other religions yet it claims all people were created equal by a god?

Christianity is not a religion. Its a new breed of people who are born of God( the same way you are born of your mother). The same God who created the universe, His spirit dwells in our renewed spirit. So these are the people who go to heaven.

What happens to buddhists,taoists,muslim,jews,…you know,.those that dont follow christ teachings? Will they be accorded the pleasures of a christian heaven?

He won’t answer. Christians believe they are superior to the rest and are the only ones who deserve to be in heaven.

but i thought their book says only 144000 folks will see the pearly gates?,no wonder they are adamant when questioned:D:D

Exactly, I asked Purple & Beenie, 144000÷7billion humans…that’s 0.002% of the human race will end up in heaven, the rest, 99.998%, will burn in hell. Is that just? Wakasema I am mocking the Bible. Nikasema sawa, whether umeokoka or not, I am 99.998% sure tutachomeka pamoja tu in hell.

What a liar, he is just using statistics probability to predict event. How can you prophecy stupid things like there will be crime, some people will commit suicide, political fights and unions. He missed inportant things like corona, closure of churches and schools. He is talking of new industries coming up yet more closed down. Idiot!


Corona was discussed in point 26. What most people don’t know is that prophecy sometimes isn’t as straightforward as you would wish. Also, God also reveals what he wants to and keeps disclosed what he does not want to reveal. Let me look for a very precise prophecy that will spark your interest.

Do not be gullible, I agree somehow but what he predicts should be black and white not the opposite. Where is the increase in industries? It was the opposite!