Property Taxes to be reviewed from 1956 rates...


Shyte Jubilee kututomba matako kabisa

It’s lube season…

Dear Taxpayer,

The Finance Act 2020 introduced a new tax known as Digital Service Tax (DST) effective 1st January 2021. DST is charged at 1.5% of the gross transaction value and shall be payable by a person whose income from service is derived from or accrues in Kenya through a digital market place. Tax shall be due at the time of transfer of payment for the service to the service provider.

For residents and companies with a permanent establishment in Kenya, the DST will be offset against the income taxes due in the year of income. For non-residents and companies without a permanent establishment in Kenya, DST will be a final tax.

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Commissioner for Domestic Taxes.

Uhuru will not shaft Himself and Family, ongeza Ruto, Amollo Odinga, Gideon Moi and all established politician whom have hoarded lots of land and developed properties across the land.
very few politicians in .ke can approach land issues with a sober head, competitive land rates on the other side makes it hard for people to hoard land for speculation purposes.

I saw some other clause indicating that there are some “privilidged persons i income tax law and are exempted from paying some taxes”… Who else is priviledged if it is not Kenyattas and Mois of Kenya?

The cream of Britain.

Bro, these niggas merged two banks without paying a single cent in taxes… tax ni ya walala hoi.

Who are these?

Exactly! They will be exempted, pronto! (That is, if they are actually not exempted already)

They won’t be forever in power


Not really… there is another clause for PLWDs…

Ukisikia @sani akisema " parasitic owners of the capital" you best believe that shit is true.


Well the plan was to stall the horse as the donkey’s catch up, well the horse had no intention of living under anyone’s shadow.

Pesa ya Queen Elizabeth . Nimeona you know. Banae iyo fam owns almost half the world .UK ,US ,Australia ,Canada NA Africa

The Delameres, Soames, Rothschilds, the Monarchy…most of the conservancy tycoons, descendants of the Lords. Long long list.

It is common knowledge out here. We read their scandals in the Guardian Newspaper from time to time. It is staggering to see how much land they own. Most are quietly moving to TZ since their future looks v bleak.

The true definition of Land Lords