Proper understanding required.

Villagers hope you all having a wonderful sato while the rest are still nursing hangovers.
Well i got something that has been pressing me for the las couple of days.
On thursday night i bumped to this gal whom i have known for 2yrs.
We haven’t seen each other this year after i changed my sim card.
After that we went home together and shared the same bed with clear instruction not try anything.
The babe has been spending at my place since then but leaving today.
Everything has been on me meals,airtime and many more.
Including wearing my t-shirts and using my towel.
I havent touched her at all.
The question is what is she up to?
Mark you this is not the first time,its the third.Same story.
I have been asking myself alof questions on whether should i ask for goodies or not.
We have been sharing the same bed for those days.
Villagers enlighten a brother.

umefuga kuku kama pet wewe wacha kina @pamba na @Mundu Mulosi wasikia haya mambo

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We understand your pain. When one changes sim cards it can be a traumatic experience. Numbers lost and the emotional attachment one has with the old sim card remembering how they felt slotting it into their phone for the first time. Just hang in there and transfer all your contacts to the new sim card, and it will feel like nothing has changed.


“On thursday night i bumped to this gal whom i have known for 2yrs.
We have seen each other this year after i changed my sim card.”

I dont understand how to reconcile the two lines. Anyway she loves you so much but she has AIDS and want you to die.

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Aseme tu ukweli ako kombo na hii musimu wa baridi unaletew chakula unashindwa kukula,junkie saidia huyu kijana.


hahahaha,Nakama ni mtego boss.Got to think and think again.

Pamba wacha ushoga bana,Nyama nzuri kweli kisha yatembea na kangotha tu kwa bedroom bana.Mateso bila chuki.

Just passing by:cool::cool: endelea kufuga



wewe bwana ndio utaitwa herbivore man na grace msalame.


You are a disgrace to the male human species, are you waiting for the girl to initiate intimacy?

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Dont rush to judge a member of team mafisi but for this one am reluctant buda.I dont know why coz i dont feel the little imp telling me to go for it.
As they say a Vulture is a very patient bird.

kama unaongopa kamulia yeye kwa bafu with the shower water running kama zuma ama si uvae tu condom boss

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Sijui nacheka nini …oooh this beautiful scheming creature known as the female species a.k.a woman…anaongelewa usiku kucha mpaka asubuhi na haeleweki kamwe


@madova , if am not mistaken, the other day u complained abt how a guy u had accommodated brought a chic kwako na kumpura shoti nne…leo nasikia ni demu sasa. ur earlier post depicted a much bigger house, hii ya leo ni bed-sitter sort of…ama post ya mwanzo ilikuwa ya huyu @Madovah ?

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na btw madova ulisema wewe hua huokoti ma chips funga. Na bibi anajua nyumba yako kule unafanya kazi? akiamua kutembea sasa ndio utaimba wimbo ni kama unga imeisha kakamega

huyu ni wewe @madova

My crib is quiet spacious brotha.two bdrm.Yeah thats me and still housing my boy.

Hebu nieleweshe from a feminine perspective

hahahaha,Certfied one only.Those that i have known for some time.Mama hana ngori am trusted enuff.

Mzae hebu toa maoni.

aliacha tabia mbaya huyo?