proper prior planning

Najua hatujafika hapo but i think the govt should start designing new cities to decongest nairobi. I would like them to be shifted to mandera turkana and other places with lower development but has enough land. The first thing is roads then structures follow.
Example is a district known as jebel ali where dubai first built good roads just the other day and now industries are coming up at a very good rate and now a new airport is being constructed to cater for import and export as the demand has risen
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they know what they need to do, just greed my fyiend

Greedy leaders we have can’t think like you

Actually infrastructure is the only thing they need to implement in areas that is densely populated, let areas that have favourable climate feed the nation.
Kama turkana ju ya hio mafuta kunafaa kuwekwa 6 lanes to mombasa.
Within no time along the highway companies will come calling, putting up structures along, employing thousands of people directly.
Shops and hotels then comes in and people benefit alot. But saa hii utaskia tu mambo ya bypass tu

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the pyramids of days
Future . …and we’ll wonder, how did they build them?.. they must have been very civilized :D:D:D

I thought they are already doing that with Isiolo.