Does China and Russia really interfere with the outcome of US elections? Methinks all these are propaganda by both democrats and republicans alike in US with the main intent of swaying elections to their side

In Kenya elections losers cry imeibiwo.

In the usa they cry, Russia interfered with the elections. The current one is new, China involvement.

All these as the primal excuse to avoid one thing. They lost.

Democrats cried Russia Russia Russia for over 3 years and in the end, the Mueller investigation found that there was no collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign.

In fact, new evidence is coming out showing that the whole Russia investigation was started using bogus intelligence sources… essentially a 3 year long hoax.

Everyone is now waiting for the findings of US Attorney John Durham’s investigation into the Russia hoax.

It is expected to show the massive abuse of power by senior Obama administration officials including the former FBI Director, CIA Director, DNI Director, the Deputy AG and questions regarding the role that Obama himself played in the whole debacle.