Propaganda on Wikipedia

Research enthusiasts, here is something 5hat might be of interest.

This German article highlights how Wikipedia is used as a disinformation tool by the West, particularly secret service and intelligence agencies. There is therefore almost 100% chance that any Wikipedia article on a critical issue, especially those touching on war, invasion, assassination and any other geo-political and social-political topic, is false.

Wikipedia editors such as this guys found to be informants to government secret service agencies edit articles that incriminate Western governments.

Wikipedia is not meant to be the end all be all of credibility. Anyone can edit any article and therein lies its weakness/strength, if you have an agenda, you can use Wikipedia as a disinformation tool as many people, sadly, use it it as the only source of “true” information.

Wikipedia is the biggest scam of them all times

I’d like to see a link to a wiki article that’s just propaganda. It shouldn’t be too hard since wiki is just full of it.

It’s good as a resource. But shouldn’t be trusted on its own. More so for political matters.

Founder of Wikipedia said it has become a propaganda tool for the liberals

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