Propaganda and fake news by Jubilidiots


Lately, my timelines on most social media platforms is full of posts, shares and re-tweets of some selectively picked photos of the Chief Justice with the NASA brigade.
Some are photo-shopped and others are genuine photos taken during public events.
Some are stupid videos on youtube, vimeo and wherever of some stupid institutions I have never heard about, sijui, Fortfools Institute of Governance and Posturing ama nini.
There is no way of objectively countering this propaganda. Collecting other photos of the CJ taken alongside the Jubilee brigade is a defensive approach that i don’t deem proper. We are sending them to the defence.
I hereby declare a multi-faceted multi-fronted propaganda offensive against these detractors. By the time we cast our ballots, they will regret choosing fake news as the best way to front their case. Mutajua hamujui. Mtajua chang’aa ni juice. And that’s not a threat. Tuko Kisii sai, tutamalizia mandera. And we are taking no hostages.



We are used to it even without you making a declaration…,kwanza what is it you think you have in your arsenal that you didn’t have when you fell 1.4 m short?

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The few votes you guys multiplied by a constant in Kisii and Western, forget forget them all. Forget the constant too.


Propaganda is part of the campaign just like what you are doing.


Be neutral ,the same is happening on NASA side.It’s good you can tell the real and photoshop .avoid sharing stupid information we are way above that !


Meffi post,[ATTACH=full]123909[/ATTACH]

We only lacked an algorithm,this time you won’t have it either.

i’m trembling…


well, i’ve said it before that it is rather unfortunate when supposedly intelligent people believe their own side’s propaganda…

The biggest propaganda,fortunately is that people like you believe Jubilee won the election. UOTP.


Nobody has monopoly over propaganda.

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u just did, foggo


Didn’t I also see selectively picked photos of Njoki Ndungu and some Jubilee guy? A 5 year old photo made to look like it just happened.
I’ve also seen fake numbers by Ndii and other Naswa people.
We all also witnessed fake logs by Raila himself.

My fren… The kings of fake news are known. That’s the only race Nasa has ever and will ever win.


By Dave Okunya
Courtesy of @Smith_

:D:D Mimi pia


Jubilee won the elections. Period.
Tick tock. Tyranny of numbers reloaded 2.0

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UOTP liwe liwalo