Proof that cow farts actually do contain methane. It's science !!!


We ranchers already knew that … didn’t we?..

Cows cause global warming

Jaluo jeuri ng’ombee has been there since time in memorial. So punguza propaganda ya western fake media.

Also when someone the size of @kush yule mnono farts and there is an open fire behind him, the results are the same.

Kama unabelieve hio scam ya climate change wewe ni mucheeenger

Ghasiaa … rustler wamekuwa wanalala na ngombe kwa boma since time immemorial na wamama na watoi wanalala na mbuzi na kondoo kwa hut and if you don’t die from a bullet chances are you’ll live to see ninety nine aisee…

Interesting finding…:smiley:

Hii ni simple biology. Biogas is methane that comes from fermented cellulose of grass in the rumen the first stomach of the cow.

Mshuto ya @Finest wine ndio inafanya global warming yeye ni [COLOR=rgb(41, 105, 176)]@Ngombe

Tebu utueleze


Cows cause global warming
Precisely, humans, who breed livestock in mass scale, but as always, everything’s evil except people

Although, behind a curtain, it might be forcing people to eat more corporated artifical meaty food, which producing could be even worse to environment, but more profitable to some investors.

High human population is more detrimental to the global environment than fart from a few cows

Dry cow dung maintain heat for a longer period of time.

Raw, diluted cattle waste( slurry) produces environmental friendly cooking & lighting gas.
Every rancher uses biogas.