promotion bundles

Does any one in the group know how to generate this we call safaricom promotion bundles codes that wen smsed to 440 it tops up the phone with data bundles…
show us please…

No one knows. And remember even if you go ahead, for every database transaction or query a log is entered in the lets say Event_Log table with regards to the recipient phone number, date, and bundles awarded… when they’ll start auditing their systems one day you will be caught, and being a cockroach that you are, you will be crushed once you start making long walks in the corridors of justice, that’s when you will realize how Safaricom is a giant

Have been asking the same thing doesn’t no one know any of this really? Coded stuff is all there is

The hare and elephant tale…the hare might be cunning but the elephant finally catches up with the small animal and destroys it completely

I like how you imagine but the sad thing is that the imagination is deviating from reality

you just didn’t get it,did you?