Promotion bumdles .. .

Hey sb help me with de process of activating safaricom promotion bundles


Aint working out

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They telling me they cant capture my device details after clicking then link sent back by 440… Am i skipping any step

Uwache ku spam inbox,maliza hizo bundles uko nazo mwanzo.

Mmh kanyangia storo. After kumaliza will they work out

Im new here buddy. Still a learner. Iv tried it on a different device aint still working

use your mobile browser
uko na simu gani?

Infinix 551 hotnote

hiyo haina data… usijisumbue…

safaricom dont sell twin sim phones… neither do they sell infinix

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Ooops lemme try samsung

This aint working

Iv tried a thousand times ata na samsung from saf shop… Still aint working

ata ukijaribu 1001 times aitawork… inasemaje?

Antony are you a midget shemale?

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Inaleta warning flani apo ati device haiwes kubali.

Lazima ni shemale momo.


I call miself antony buh am antonia… Soundin kenyan… # tomboy

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I like the rough nature of tomboys. I like it aaalot