Prombox written off

Accident on Mombasa road Manyani area.
No news of casualties but looks like it was fatal.

hii mtu atasurvive kweli?

Labda with several amputations and deformities. Most likely wako mocha!

hapa dereva na front passenger lazima torso was separated from the rest of the body

Waah kwani ni karatasi

Wooi, I pray it was not straight from the Port.

woi huyo ilipiga trailer heady

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probox always gives me the creeps…

What a thing to pray for…


That highway should be dualled considering it is an international trunk road.

Before we get to that they shud fix the potholes

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would’ve been okey if it wasn’t?

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True. But it is usually very busy with the heavy traffic from and to the port.

Waah, that was a real problem box

Dualling it is nonsense and a waste of money, just get the darned trucks off the road and transport goods by rail. Problem with Kenyans is looking for complex solutions to simple problems.

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before the rail fix the potholes in stupid drivers’ heads…

Problem is Kenyans are always trying to reinvent the wheel. A massive country like the usa discovered long ago that there’s only so much you can move by trucks. Look at public transport in Nairobi, we are always struggling with half measures while cities like Tokyo move millions efficiently by rail every day.

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the standard gauge railway will revolutionize our entire transport system, with less trucks and buses on the roads congestion will be a thing of the past.

But we are generally a careless nation, accidents like this will always be there


These creepy cars should be equiped with speed governors…they are driven like race cars

By the way, even as we build the SGR, why don’t we improve the existing railway network? Imagine if they used just a fraction of that money to buy modern passenger trains, employ competent staff and and ran the stations on a 24 hour basis.