Project Taara, the real "air fiber", to roll out in Kenya!!

Very interesting, the technology has managed to deliver high speed internet (20Gbps) via a beam of light where there’s a clear line of sight for 20+ km. Literally what fiber internet does, but over the air. The real “air fiber”!!

The technology will be sold by Liquid Telcom:
Project’s site:


Game changer

Swali tu, nyonde ikipita mbele ya hiyo light my 4K stream ya ____hub will be interrupted?

Hizi fibre cable zimejaa estate ,tena zing’olewe ?

Hahaha, the connection will be re-established quicker than you can notice.

Definately not, this will probably be used to connect sector antennas which can then be used to distribute internet via wimax or LTE. Basically, “boosters” zitakua na more bandwith.

Enyewe. At those speeds I won’t notice. Sweet

hii project mutaratara imefika wapi, can they sell it to home users

Probably not. Most likely ISPS will use it to increase their sector antenna capacity. It will be an alternaitive to running a fiber cable to a “booster” or using microwave.