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I am in the initial stages of designing a modern 3, sleek, wheel vehicle to serve as an evolution to the tuktuk (we are about to build a full scale model). after running simulationst to narrow down on the best range of loading capacity and safety parameters, we will need to build at least 2 prototypes for actual testing and improvement and this is where the need for funding arises.can i please get any pointers to organisations or people to contact for support?

Good luck. Shark Tank isn’t a Kenyans’ thing, though. Good luck, sincerely.

Elon Musk

i wish you guys succeed… hope you read this article by the nation …apparently , ukoloni mamboleo homeguards in govt and colonial laws meant to keep native africans poor literally blocked BJ50 from fruition , without the support of the laikipia govt sijui kungeenda aje… ?

link : Hurdles that Laikipia’s BJ-50 car faced before approval

a guy commented hapo kwa hio article… ?

Edwin Mathu • 4 days ago • edited
If they had made the BJ50 electric, solar or hydrogen powered, then I’d say they focused on innovation and the aesthetics would probably catch on later.
And while I admire the tenacity and hard work. They simply can’t give us a product that is less than what is already available in the market and expect accolades from us. Standards have already been set all over the world around us.
This is typical Kenyan government thinking.
It is not up to us to lower our standards and expectations, rather it is up to them to raise theirs.

The unit I have in mind is petrol electric hybrid with KERS

I think the only time one will try to invest is when you polish your product
get some designers (if you own the bj50) . then you can tell me why should I opt to buy your car over the Japanese ones. Is it safety,technology,speed ,comfort or quality ?

The design is ready, soon we are building a full scale model. Compared to the current 3 wheeler the unit will have safety feature, better ride quality and by virtue of having a petrol electric hybrid, it will have a relatively lower emissions and decent fuel economy

Funding is much easier to rally when you can demonstrate a working saleable product. Luckily for you, your intended project can be completed with modest amounts using off-the-shelf components. Gather resources and put together a real product people can see. That way, it is much easier to get financing. At worst, you can still sell the product and pull yourself up using your own shoe laces.

I have more projects in mind. I wish to meet your team

…if you don’t get any funding , you can create a campaign on crowdfunding sites at a 30% fee i think

Cool idea