Of late i have developed an interest in this subject. whenever i see people talk about writting codes,coding,developing apps etc i cant help but salivate at that prospect. I hear stuff like python,c+++ etc where does one begin in this field? I might decide to persue at as a part time venture!

code academy is a good start

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Then once you get some footing on the basics.

Code Academy is the best online resource according to me.

W3C will teach you about web. If you really want to learn code, read and implement code in C#, then in C++. If you grasp the two, you can then move on to other things. Most coders start there. Alternatively, you can read things like python(The general purpose language and not the web frameworks based on python like Django) for a start. Starting at the web development level is very amateurish. Web development, especially using high level frameworks alone, doesnt make you anybody among programmers.

Pursue more interesting ventures, boss. Coding is stress, na hakuna pesa.


code academy, start with C++ from there learning any language is easy.Ni kama toi akijua kutembea ataenda hata SJ when of age

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Hata mimi nataka kujifunza hii kitu.

Google "teach yourself in 21 days (=language eg Java, C, C++,VB etc)

kama gani boss? off late am willing to just try stuff i guess ni early midlife crisis for instance the other day i bought an art book ile ya blank pages and imagined myself as picaso, weired ideas like learning french or how to play a musical instrument etc is this normal?


i will give it a shot

Kama unataka kulearn instrument sema usaidiwe chap chap