professional sound tuner

Guys any reference to a professional sound tuner in nairobi, a guy who can tune using a helix DSP, someone who can do time alignment, crossover controls etc, not those downtown quacks please

Umeinstall quality sound deadener kwanza kwa jalopy? Without this, it’s futile to tune a vehicle


already installed dynamat, so looking to install and tune

thanks will contact him

Pple should learn DIY

Dont rape him when he comes over

Gari ngani boss and who installed dynamat for you. Very much interested.

A lexux RX , Imported dynamat couldn’t get locally,was installed by robstar_autocare

i am actually not a novice in things car audio but tuning a DSP requires a professional,it’s not a DIY thing unless you’ve been doing it for a a clue here is the helix software inteface [ATTACH=full]370407[/ATTACH]

I get you

Thank you sir.