Professional Beggars In Nairobi CBD

Hi and Good Morning.

Today I choose to speak about beggars in our towns.

At first, I used to give my coins to beggars in the streets - which is what Christianity expects of us. One day I saw someone along Kenya Archive who has a large cut on his leg. Days come, days go, this guy never heals, and that kept me wondering.

[INDENT]I think that Kenyans have discovered a way of earning a living by using our kindness and compassion to diabled people and children. They have even gone ahead to seek services from professional beggars in Tanzania.[/INDENT]

I also see disabled beggars in town with young babies. Are they forced to give birth before they enter the streets or Are the babies stolen? I have never found anyone to answer these questions. I bet if you asked them if they want to be whole again they would refuse and opt to beg because it is now part of them.

The reason why I think this is targeting religion is their new tactic: they now use audio recordings with Tanzanian Christian music. This to me is funny and deceptive. Anyway, it is good to give for a good cause. I hope the cartels in this industry will be found. How do you detect genuine beggars?

  1. They dont make eye contact saaana

  2. They dont startle you or come to you at Mr. Price sayin ati buda nipe mbao ya githeri tuu

shinny eyes all over in sad

Citizens aired this

I once saw jamaa na pick up ya green akiwa amebeba hawa machokora.
Aliwadrop na akapiga uturn akaishia.

Na ilikuwa mchana around 5:30 pm


So sad!:frowning:

There was one who was the famous “King of beggers” .
He even had plot 10’s in Kawangware I think.

Huyu yake naelewa, he was self-employed and smart…hawa wengine they earn close to nothing.

This is serious business…

Close to nothing, wewe hujui beggars vizuri.

Huyo WA kidonda hakiponi ni sababu y’a kupakaga acid kwa kidonda… It stays fresh.

and ugly, forcing you to give :D:D:D


Unampea ndio akuondokee , aende kwa next person, ama atakuanikia hapo ukose kula supper.

Wewe hujui kukausha kichwa

Mimi vitu kama hizo huwa hazinishtui, na akileta ujinga I put him/her in their place.

There is the one who plays a harmonica outside Uchumi Aga Khan walk while singing gospel tunes. It’s said he owns lots of rentals in his rural hometown, hapo ako tu biashara and he’s been begging around that area since the the turn of the century.

Hiyo ni kazi buda, atleast anafanya kitu. I prefer huyo than yule wa kukuwekea ngoma za christina shusho and the rest

Wengine hawana kidonda

Diabetic foot.