Productivity Tip - create and schedule reminders/save drafts for later on Whatsapp

I thought I’d share this tip for those who don’t know yet…

I just learnt that you can create a Whatsapp message and send it to yourself! I use it store reminders of things I need to do later, draft messages I need to share later, save weblinks I can share/read later. Quite useful. I also pin my messages so they are always at the top! Pretty cool I think…

Teelegram does it better, and its syncs that to the cloud incase you lose your phone.
Unlike whatsapp you have to either sync the messages to your gmail account

Sande sana


Looks tedious. Why don’t you just use Google Keep? Reminders, Notes, drafts, tips, ideas, links, pinning, Google Calendar sync… Everything is there!

Ease of saving whatever you want, lets say i click in a documentary link from twitter and i want to save it for watching later, its easier to forward the same to saved messages in Telegram than copying the link to a to do app.

And because one is almost always communicating or messaging, so your reminder is always in your face…you cant let it slide easily or forget to open the app you saved it on. This is really for quick reminders of things you must accomplish ASAP e.g. shopping lists etc is the way I see it coz there is proper apps for ToDo lists

I think this is better[ATTACH=full]480246[/ATTACH]