Procrastinate, like a pro

Jana my boss was on my case like the whole day, “I want Feb 2015 reports by close of business today”, niko na external auditors so nilikuwa nimechoka yangu yote. I knew I needed two hours to finish the reports but I could not continue. My trick,

I send him a mail,

Dear Waningilo,

See attached our Feb 2015 reports.

Kind Regards,

Mundu Mulosi(Bs, Ms, Ma, PhD & ScD),

I did not attach anything, I woke up very early today was in the office by seven, finished the reports and waited for him to come and tell me I did not attach anything. Of course my answer was that I forgot to attach, probably coz I was exhausted.



You guys should use file destroyer.
Specify what type of file you want (pdf, ppt, xlsx…) then download and send a corrupt version.

Wakiuliza, sema file iko corrupted.

But remember to be productive.

@Mundu Mulosi. Well huwa na kimbele mbele, say see attached mahali na hit send.ati wewe attach