Probox 2014 model.

Didn’t know the problem box has an update. .
These comes 12 years[ATTACH=full]8779[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]8780[/ATTACH] after the first generations
arrived on the scene in Japan and bring a host of
new features. The models are based on the same
platform and are powered by 1.5-liter DOHC four-
cylinder engines with CVT gearboxes as standard,
which replaces both the 4-speed auto and the 5-
speed manual of the older models. Either front- or
all-wheel drive is fitted, but the cheaper PROBOX
also comes with a small 1.3-liter engine. Toyota
has also updated the suspension, adding a trailing
link axle at the back, the brakes and stability
All engines come with start / stop technology to
make them cheap to run and tax, but output
varies between 95 and 109 hp, depending on the
setup chosen.
The cabin is dotted with storage spaces and the
central cup holder can even take a 1-liter square
milk box. The front seats of this these 5-door
minivan can recline by up to 76 degrees and the
rear ones fold flat to create a bigger bay.
Both will launch on September 1st and are built
by the Daihatsu factory in Kyoto. Prices for the
PROBOX start at 1,317,600 yen, while in the case
of the Succeed, they begin at 1,437,382 yen.
Weird as they might look, they will play a big role
in Japan, also maybe in Peru, Bolivia, where the
PROBOX is commonly used as a taxi.

Still looks like a ‘boflo’ to me

Still looks like todays ‘brombox’ except for the shape of the bonnet.:slight_smile:

And i can bet the interior looks the same as todays’ ‘Sanduku’

I can’t imagine a cheaper, faster problem box on Kenyan roads, the madness we experience with the current model is more than enough.

Kiberiti ni kiberiti tu!

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[SIZE=5]If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, quack like a duck, flies like a duck, it is a duck.[/SIZE]


I didn’t think that it was possible to make this thing uglier but habari ndio hiyo.

Hiyo Cvt gearbox iko kwa Noah and the things fies. Sasa iko kwa Probox!:confused:


Vipi takataka ii. Nilikuuliza whey unanunuanga how much.
Today 11:30am

Hio horsepower iko down tu sana wazeiya lakini kyuks wanaitumia kama punda.

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Mkebe kubwa ni 10,000 lakini fala kama wewe hauwezi toboa hiyo

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Hehehe. Enyewe 10k naweza nunua kilo ngapi ya fillet.

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No wonder una bench 60kgs.Usijali one day utatufikia

Sawa Ronnie Coleman.

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Poa Sudanese


iyo probox inakaa kali