private investigator

some women are so insecure in relationship in this buddy who is a consultant in IT has just discovered that her wife of 5yrs has hired a private investigator to trail him.the guy most of his work ni field work in other counties so the wife doubted that his man could have some side kick.this guy is so social to everyone bt he has commited his love to only the wife.gari yake ndio alipata iko na extra tracker when he visited the mechanic.pia alidiscover there was a familiar face hovering around him wakati hayuko office.this guys feels untrustworthy frm the wife.jst asking if u discover ur wife has hired private investigator what will you do to save the marriage?

Bibi ni shiny?

no,she is frm the atheletic community.

Are you sure that it is a private investigator or an assassin?

:D:DAfisa wacha ukabila and since she isnt from that community, what else do you have?

Jamaa tayari analishwa steel wool kwa meals mdogo mdogo… Soon he will be hayati…

What is @pamba going to ask next now that she’s not shiny eye?

That lady already has one foot outside the door. Hiring a private investigator = exit plan.

Tell your buddy to prepare for the inevitable end of his relations with his wife.

Tell him to run…Almost all wives are insecure, but if it gets to that level, then hapo hakuna marriage

Tracker and familiar face dont prove he is being invetigated by his wyf. If i were him i will test first, get a girl to go around with him, n wait n see if the wyf will have evidence , if he is clean he neednt worry, our wives go through our staff, pockets, receipts, phones n social media accounts, its called insecurity by women

.this guy with help of his close cops cornered the familiar face at a certain event,after interrogation ndio ali reveal he was a private investigator hired by the wife frm a period of 6 weeks

Marriage does not make any sense nowadays

Bibi anakamuliwa na private investigator

Marriage has never made sense and it never will

Huyu sio investigator ,huyo no watchie wife ame hire ndio akiride the cock carousel amshtue about the huzzy whereabouts ,ndio apanguze effidence

Housewives ndo huwa na hii tabia.

Chifu leo unanikimbiza nik kioru mani.

Niaje Bokero?

Dude, when has marriage ever made sense?

the wife is a civil servants