Prison Cadet

Wadau, I have a ask. How much do these people earn and how good of a choice is that path? Any advice ntashukuru.

Peanuts, but they sell contraband to wafungwa where stuff like a pack of smokes is 2k, phones, food etc
Used to go to a friend’s local near nanyuki prison, warders hulipwa some time mid-month around date 16th, wengine in 5 days mshahara wamemaliza… Rest of the month ni depending on other source income

Kazi ni kazi

Kama wewe sio Dr Ug dealer hio kazi isn’t worth it

Hawa cadets hapana makurutu wale wa kawaida. Wale wakutoka nduki pale stadium.
The general cadets and specialised technicians (medical) are paid quite decently. Just like in the military I believe. The minimum qualifications for general cadets is a C+ and an undergrad degree. Medical technicians: C and a relevant certificate or diploma from a recognised institution. Medical practitioner: C+ and a undergraduate/ postgraduate degree from a recognised institution of higher learning and registered with the relevant statutory bodies.Technicians 9 months, general Cadet 13 months paramilitary training.The introduction of cadets in police n prison was/is a good step in the right direction. By the time me daughter grows up, she might just be lucky and not have to deal with unreasonable D- like I do.Also applications from persons with degrees related/relevant to correctional work are accepted. Sasa watu wa criminology wamepona.

Na mtu akiwa na cert ya Mediation anaweza apply kama technician?

Of coz any gov worker hulipwa peanuts kwa salo…but marupuru n other benefits inashinda mshahara.

So long as your between 18- 30.