prison break

I got a question to talkers who watched these series yes ni ya kitambo but i decided to reapeat it now my question how many endings does it have and which one is authentic…coz in one scofield dies while tryng to save sarah and the recent one ive seen the guyz are pardoned by kellerman and it fast forwards to 4 years later where we see scofields kid with sarah…

See what happens when you dont watch a series in the right order? Unawatch season 1, 2, 4, movie, 3…how will anything make sense?


@benja the answer is here^^. go 1-4 then malizia na movie (which they made after kelele ya mafans so it ties up those loose ends)
ION it could be coming back just like 24!
rejoice all ye PB fans

The[SIZE=4] STAR of gritty drama Prison Break Sarah Wayne Callies has confirmed that there is a reboot in the works and that she could be coming back. Th[/SIZE]e actress, who played the prison doctor Sara Tancredi in the Fox series, revealed she has been approached about starring in the forthcoming season of the show.
Speaking at San Diego Comic-Con over the weekend, Sarah, 38, said she’d had a conversation with “somebody in the upper producer realm” about the return of Prison Break.
The actress initially thought it was a joke before the programme makers confirmed that they would be calling her in a “couple of months”, much to Sarah’s surpris

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Reboot will make be a terrible mistake. The popularity of that show tanked after the 2nd season, why would they think guys would want to watch it again?..but the way it ended was them being pardoned then Michael dying of whatever bullshit he allegedly had.

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yep i remember facepalming at the desperate attempts to milk the show’s popularity into ssn 3&4. and I was(still is) a huge fan of PB. imho a reboot will only be more of a nostalgia thing coz the plot was milked dry like the Kenyan economy in the 90s…

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boss i watched it in order and trust me it has two endings just like the movie iam legend starring will smith… it has two different endings…

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Well maybe it has alternate endings like they do on dvd and blu-ray releases…sometimes the directors shoot two different endings and only one makes it to air. So the other is included in the dvd release

if they do make a reboot i will only watch coz of t-bag,i loved his psycho homo character


Come to think of it, has a tv show ever been rebooted? Only one i can think of is Battlestar Gallactica…and that may not have been a complete reboot but a continuation of where the original left off…

think we had a Teabag in Klost

who were starring in the alternate ending? Nicki minaj as sarah tancredi?
Must have been a porn version!

Teabag. …wow that guy was as sadistic as they come…cold, calculating, eerie and evil. He gave me the creeps.
Also featured on The blacklist.


I still remember the scene he ate the fat guy in the desert…hehehe and how that light bulb moment (to eat that fat guy) appeared to him!

T-Bag was really underrated but he made me like the show. Scoffield did not appeal much to me.

The guy was starving and alone in a desert. He had no option. :frowning:

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Teabag was a nutcase. I remember him harassing the young prisoner, making him hold onto the inside of his pocket. Hehee

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Season 2 was the dopest…Alex Mahone was surely obsessed with capturing scofield

And brad bellick hehehe he was tough but always got screwed over when he died everyone was sad hata Tea bag nearly cried when giving the presentation as the sales guy…