Printer Tech chaps saidia

The company bought a Kyocera ecosys m4125idn printer. Nimetry to print in color but inaleta black and white. Calling the MFI company that deals in it wananimabia inaprint in color, calling Shopit wananiambia iyo haiwezi print color. Kuna Kyocera zile ndogo kwa ofisi zinaprint color but ii sijui. Kuna mtu anaeza clear for me?

Boss, si-you just google the manual and also, you can easily check the tonner chamber and see if you have other tonners beside black

Hiyo naona inaitwa monochrome device. That means black and white mjamaa. That MFI company is shady AF.

Can you try printing a test page/status/supplies report from the printer?

Google is your closest friend for such things. If you don’t understand the term ‘monochrome’ just Google

You and your company must be the epitome of stupidity. What was google created for?

Product Overview
The ECOSYS M4125idn brings high-level functionality and quality black & white output to offices and workgroups looking for a small footprint MFP. Out-of-the-box performance offers print speeds up to 25 pages per minute and flexible paper sizes up to 11" x 17". Capabilities can be further enhanced with advanced business applications, enabling the device to scale to your unique needs. Designed with Kyocera’s advanced ECOSYS technology, it delivers reliability and durability to eco-friendly offices, all with a low total cost of ownership, assuring your document imaging demands, and your bottom line, are satisfied.

I thought black is a color or I’m I missing something?

Black is not a color; a black object absorbs all the colors of the visible spectrum and reflects none of them to the eyes.

Stoopid printer companies have been selling us ‘nothing’ in the name of black cartridges. Thanks for your wisdom.

They have been selling you black cartridges

I didn’t buy it. Nilirudi from leave nikapata printer imenunuliwa. Na walibuy doh mob

Calling the sellers wakasema ati ni ya color watatuma technician aangalie, niliambia the finance guys ndio walibuy, saa ii wako in tension juu docs lazima in color na frankly sitaki wafutwe na Jan ndio inaingia

Inakaa hizi ni zile story za wasee wa finance kubuy vitu bila ku consult wasee wa I.T. kuhusu specifications za devices. Juu wako na msee wao wanataka kupatia LPO ndio wapate cut yao. Vitu hununuliwa alafu zina dumpiwa I.T. workshop.

Alafu kikiumana, mse wa I.T. ndiye anawekwa kwa mix. Saa hii utapata mtu akikwambia you must figure out how their document will print in color. Na ni mdosi anataka presentation za powerpoint ama business plan ili apeleke board meeting.

But from your question its clear hungesaidia hata kama hungekuwa leave. You are even worse coz you have seen the printer but you still can’t tell if it can print colour.

It’s a leave. Sikuambiwa anything. Walipewa referral to buy it. Na the sellers wana-insist it prints color. When the news ikifikia management itakuwa firing straight, saa ii am saving my own skin

Hebu tuandikie hapa the expected vacancies. Usijali wee uko safe. Tell the management you know very much about printers and you could have advised them had they enquired.

It doesn’t support colored printing /photocopying… I guess they meant colored screen

Typical of Procurement in big orgs, you write down what you need and the supplier who they probably get a cut from buys something else, I have had an organisation buy shitty Routers and Wireless Access points when I had clearly wrote what I wanted for the project and the cost I even attached 4 reputable suppliers, Someone lost a job and they had to be returned, that is why every organisations Supply department needs one or more informed IT person Bure ni machoz tuu

back in the day kwa I.T dept tuliruka na director of finance na chief accountant. We would reject EVERYTHING they bought if it did not meet our technical specs.
Ile upuzi ya accountant/finance guys buy substandard stuff then unaambiwa "wewe ni I.T see how you can improve it/make it work.