Prinsloo memories

If there is one event that forcefully, repeatedly and maliciously forced me to man up, it was Prinsloo. From the Jatelos to the Cheers babas and praun jagets, sampling the veges of Naxvegas was the prime agenda, accompanied by rough rugby and gallons of beer. This was the time when Kaytrix was still valued, before gengetone brought confusion to deejaying. Honestly, this was peak culture.
Enter the dreadlocked lion on herbs. Being a student who lived in town was always an advantage at this time. In fact, this was my luckiest year, or so I thought. I wont waste your time with semantics. My pals handed me the keys to ka old school Benz. We were officially ON.
The Day went fine. However as you all know, corona hutembea usiku. It was time for street bash. People were linking up at Nakumatt and Tuskys, which were on polar opposites of the town. So mnadrive to tuskys free area, back then they had amazing cooked food, then you go to nakumatt to buy booze na mnaingia street bash.
Ju nilikua mzito gang gang, I had booked a parking spot among the crowd. Gari ilikua imefunikwa na malaya. Topless girls were ruining the bonnet. I was in my girlfriend’s car at the time( yeye pia alikua bazenga). I was not concerned about the other car coz if you know Nax, squad is always on ground no matter what.
Gunshots woke me from my stupor. I stumbled out of kavitz and ran straight to the crowded benz. People were running everywhere! " Kuna fight imeanza Rafikiz na GSU WAMEKAM!"
I did a memorable u turn and heard a crunch sound. As I swerved on to the highway i heard a thud. There was a guy on the bonnet. Another c turn and I was on the highway. Teargass everywhere. B*tches screaming mtu amegongwa!!!
Drove on the wrong side hadi roundabout. My passengers were silent. I think they were praying. I hit the gas up to milimani to gatecrash some party. Minor scratches on the car and our bodies. It was 2am.
We opened a drink

hapo NAC nko na beste wengi wa rugy.nlitoa dem wa MKU hapo hostel nkampeleka prinsloo NAC, jalango alininyanganya uyo dem cz alikua na rangerover

Bowlegs jambo

Beta males manenoz

Sasa ulikuwa unataka dem anyeshewe na kutembea kama mifugo na range rover iko hapo? Kuwa serious.

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