Principals of good health

Health is an asset that should be looked after.
Eat healthy
Exercise, walk at least 150 steps daily
Have safe sex (protected sex wth a stranger)
Have a holiday twice a year
Try not to be poor and if you are poor try not to be in that position for long.

i don’t know why i am laughing at this.

only? that’s barely 100m

Better than nothing if your health don’t allow you to do more.

Nice. Lakini kwa title badilisha. It is supposed to be principle.

The principles of a mediocre existence totally bereft of energy, effort and ambition

Fala hii kaa hujui kiingereza andika na kisomali. Nugu :meffi::saitan:

It’s all in your genes:

Most centenarians if you’ve noted eat pork, drink alcohol moderately, smoke and don’t exercise.

Which Poor?
Ya kitanda (Watoto) ama ya pesa?

  1. There is a difference between Principals and Principles.

  2. I am not saying that English is superior to any language. But being Tanzanian, si ungeandika tu kwa Kiswahili ni kech Osungu tek?

A normal human being takes 90 steps per 1 min,then 150 steps is less than 2 min,Will it do anything on the body?
I thought the person must walk for 1 hr equivalent to 4 km.

Cha muhimu ni uhai. Na siku yako ya kuishia ikifika imefika! I live by that philosophy.