Prince Harry will be red pilled the hard way


dem ameamua kuzaa kama panya kila mwaka mtoi anajua clock imemuweka nje ako 40 years kwendaga apige boy wetu divorce ni machoss

Uyu kijana hachori mbele

Beta male chieth!!!

Kijana amebebewa akili…

Good for him, I hope those are his choices

Huyu Harry hufanya kazi gani? Where does he get money?

Eti walianza podcast. No wonder amekunja mkia after realizing things for a working man are not as easy as they anticipated.

you brukhenges realise that she is a black woman na anavuruga family ya queen of the faded united kingdom ,cant you bonobos see how history books in 400 years zitakuwa zimeandikwa how a mullato hollywood actress made a neanderthal prince drop his royal seat to become “peasants” …

Son to the royal family huwa wanafunguliwa account wakiwa watoi wanaekewa savings huyu ako na kakitu

Alifungua onlyfans na hio kunguru

What ? when did she zaa kama panya…washamba jameni:mad:yes she is older than him which is a big huge mistake but hakuna haja ya kutusi Meghan. She is 39 he is 36. She brought her American stupidity here and it was not welcomed. We love our Harry and we know she is going to break his fragile heart soon as his new agent. But the royals will rally round him, he is one of their own. Meghan was shown dust huko Palace kwa shetani Mshienzi Queen Ithafeti…

How many kids do you have Uwes?


:D:D:D 7

Stop taking your cues from racist media hating on Miss Meghan just coz she’s a black princess. Poetic justice hapa let her vunja hio nyumba ya saitan wametesa peasants worldwide for centuries. Hata hatusemi reparations anymore

Exactly, brain washed people

Angusha mūhahe vile hio kunguru ilionyeshwa dust. Tumefunga leso.

Hakuna kitu huyo atavunja

kwani si ni mtoi moja ama ako na ball ingine

It was what we call institutional racism. She did not have full access to the queen’s jewellery like Kate Middleton. Palace private offices treated her differently. They are v snooty up there. They resigned in quick succession citing her dictatorship- remember she is American and they are loud and brash. The media- this has played a huge part in ‘chasing’ them away. There was no getting away from criticism. Anything she wore or said was criticised and compared to St Kate. Charles’ posh friends could not accept her either. They said she is too ‘common’. The British public have also been v unwelcoming and savage. I could go on and on.

This was a mismatch from the beginning. She is a divorcee, older and half black. She was never going to fit in there ever. Ni kamjinga pia. She chose Prince Charles to walk her down the aisle!!! kwani she does not have uncles or relatives since she does not get on with her biological father? she did not think this union through…all she saw and thought about was the glamour. Being married in that family is like a lifelong imprisonment.
Harry on the other hand is free spirited, fun, kind and generous so he thought they could pull it off. Infact his long term ex was Chelsea a South African beauty. So you can see he has always been trying to run away from his background. He always expressed his desire to settle in Africa. Botswana to be precise. His crime- he loves and adores Meghan and does not have a racist bone in his body. Anaeza aje kuchafua lineage with black kids? how so? They quickly became pariahs.
We all know she will bolt and will be left v depressed. I wish his mum was alive. He is no longer close to his bro and his dad. Lives far away from his Eton gang. Woooishe…mimi nitalia River Nyando when she breaks his heart.
[SIZE=1]Wanaruona wacha uvivu. Ingia google sababu nimechoka ku-type. Been up since 4.[/SIZE]