Pretty good wallpaper

I have tried copying and pasting the explanation for the image above but for some reason I can’t. In summary, the bright blue star in the center is called Zeta Ophiuchi (uchi wally wally, uchi bang bang…). It is moving through interstellar space at 24 Kilometers per second. The glowing, red formation is called a bowshock and is created by stellar wind from Zeta and interstellar material. The same effect is observed as a boat travels across water. Zeta Ohiuchi(Uchi wally wally, uchi bang bang) is 20 times more massive than our sun, 65,000 times more luminous and is 460 lightyears away.

But to me, this image looks like a face in profile. For more cool wallpapers and explanations of the universe and different cosmic phenomena follow this link.

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I like this one. It makes a really good backdrop for all my desktop shortcuts on the left side.



Sounds like something someone posted under the influence of weed.

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I’ve clicked and read the article but did not see no bang bang or wally wally.

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Looks like an alien’s head

Uchi bang bang.

hii kuchi kuchi wally wally bang bang ni ndukulu inabonga

I like F-16 pilot selfies, their frameless canopies make for interesting views. Since there are rumours they may be headed to KAF, I might just join and fulfill a dream I’ve heard for a long time which is to be a stunt pilot.[ATTACH=full]8637[/ATTACH]

Hata wewe huko juu uchi uchi wally wally f-16 afterburner bang bang!

I like this one