Pressure Washer/Which do you use?

Hello everyone. Just curious if someone of you uses pressure washers to clean your car, house, and everywhere you can use pressure washer. By the way, what can you use pressure washer for?

according to you what is pressure washer?
that thing cleans my car every damn time i visit a car wash

Hey Mr Trump there are people who prefer to clean their cars by themselves and not only cars but also garages houses and even mow the lawn) and I’m one of them, I don’t need someone to do it instead me, to tell the truth I am not a supporter of branded things such as Karcher Miele such as Karcher Miele and etc.I choose not so well known but no less inferior in quality brands for a reasonable price. As for pressure washer my choice fell on Greenworks pressure washer from [COLOR=rgb(0, 0, 0)] since it showed itself on the good side, after a year of use I can safely advise anyone interested. You can easily get acquainted with their products on their website and choose for yourself what you need.

I’ve never heard about this model of pressure washers. By the way, could you tell me your experience in pressure washers?