Presidential language

Compare this guy’s choice of words and the meffi we have around.
Let this stick to some thick heads who keep cheering what the gods say regardless of the filthy meffi they say.

Edit: Someone share this to him that he may know you don’t rule by dividing people.

makende…na chupi…na munyambo wa punda…na kuharahara kama nyani…nyef nyef!

Bila kumsahau Twitter in chief, president bing bing bong…

He is too deeply engrossed to notice that, His only beef is with UK.

What makes you think my message refers to UK only? When I mean gods, that includes Babuon.

And again, when the nation is left divided, do we blame the opposition when the buck stops with the president???

Cech tulia. Who is that prisdent bing bong? I am slow.

Here in Kenya you hail the king when he is in new clothing [ATTACH=full]135372[/ATTACH]

The subjects are supposed to be like the proverbial “three wise monkeys”


@Maina you have a point, but we’re not there yet. It’s like telling a starving man to focus on buying a car when even the basics aren’t affordable.

Macabre methods of animal abuse…like how to murder innocent cats. The man is just vile and disgusting!

Why don’t we blame the gods? Or it’s only applicable in one part of your argument and not the other?

Aspiring “President”

What if that Obama comes and supports Uhuru tomorrow, will he still be the wise one???

Heheh…Very upresidential, but THE BUCK STOPS WITH THE PRESIDENT. Huyu ni raiya my fren. Sasa eka ya President mwenyewe

Supporting or not supporting is a personal choice…of course with vested interests.

I can see what you’re doing. Afisa acha kuedit maneno yangu na kueka yako.


Be honest, you would bash him and call his wife a man… Be honest, i am your Shrink


I wasn’t editing I was just replying Shifo, although it may seem like editing, I was replying on the upper part.

Like I bashed kina all defectors who joined jubilee, sio?

True!! Listen to this one who once claimed blood kinship to that one:

Nimesema mara kadhaa. Huyu ni raiya…just like me and you, only that he has ambitions of being the president. Kari kii.