Presidential campaigns. What's the cost..

Of running a decent campaign. Kama ile Uhuru alifanya 2002, RAO na Obako in 2007, Uhuru na RAO in 2013 na Uhuru in 2017 ?

Uliza @Jimmy_wanjigi , am sure he will be thorough and very detailed about it.


Do you think RAO’s was decent? Not even a T-shirt.

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Like this?

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North eastern counties require a minimum of 250Million campaign for gubernatorial positions… I’d multiply that by 47 to get the presidential requirements

Upuss ii umama ya following achia wamama wa KMnU. Kumanina ya mtu!!!

@MISCHIEF nini mbaya .mbona matusi.mbona ujareply kwa hizo comment zingine.dont behave like a high school kid.heshima muhimu


RAO had decent campaigns in 2007 and 2013.

Enyewe baba ni ngumuuu !

There is a lot of exaggeration of campaign costs and of course nobody wants to reveal their costs as well. I would put it as a minimum 1 billion and upper limit at 10 billion but realistically 5 billion. Where as national candidates will contribute a lot, local candidates must be able to hold their own needs as well.

Crucial expenditure are agents, secretariat, strategic teams and party nominations. For example 40000 polling stations would mean getting 40000 agents and 10000 part time in case some fail to show up. At 10,000 each that would be around 400-500 million on agents alone.

Na handouts?

RAO goofed bigtime by accepting to run as NASA candidate. May be by allowing each principal to run their own local presidential campaign would have a different out come. I imagine in some places the electorate who didn’t have their candidate on the ballot had nothing to loose irrespective of whoever wins therefore were not motivated to turn out and vote.