presidental election on 26th october: Ekuru Aukot vs kenyatta. who will you vote for?

Court allows presidential candidate Ekuro Aukot to run in repeat election
He is theonly candidate that may be challenging the election of president uhuru kenyatta

Ekuru by default takes over Rao’s votes. So bahati yake, we can say maybe he has at least 2M votes fixed. A good jump from the thousands he had.

my frien hii nikama game ya bayern vs arsenal

Please tueleze bila mafi kwa mdomo. What is the way forward?

Huyo msee atawithdraw pia! Hawes make!

Hii ni sure bet

To be honest, why didn’t the court do this? They should have let the IEBC to declare a no contest allowing Uhuru to be declared the winner so that we move on…having an election on the 26th between the two is a waste of time and resources.
Alafu sasa I hope Uhuru will start campaigning against Aukot and forget about Raila.

ah…naona the play. sabotage kabisa. Unless Akot apatiwe something from the Jubilee fund ile Raila alisema watu wananunuliwa.

haya skiza bila mafi kwa masikio.
Now Nasa what remains for Nasa is to disrupt elections in SOME polling stations such that it wont happen in all 290 places. Short version they are fucked

Uhuru is campaigning on a record of development. it is raila campaigning against uhuru because he has no record!

That’s what I’m saying. Now that Raila is out of the picture, I hope they won’t keep talking about him.

Munaogopa Aukot sasa eh? Aukot tano fresh. babuon is about to rally behind him.

election offenses act will be waiting to bite someone on the ass!

Security my friend will be tight !

Huko twitter watu wa UOTP wanauliza socialite DK what orbiturary dictator (Obiter Dicta) means

Ekuru Okot amesema cannan sio moja,welcome to the race.

as long as raila keeps off politics, then itakuwa tu sawa