President with a big heart

On Monday afternoon, a 22 year
old woman received the shock of
her life when President Uhuru
Kenyatta called her personally
telling her to go pick the body of
her sister at the City Mortuary.
Anita Lipesa said that her sister,
Caroline Lipesa Muhita, died on
September 19th and her body was
taken to the City Mortuary but
they could not bury her because
they had a Sh. 3.5 million
hospital bill.
Muhita had been admitted at the
Nairobi Women’s Hospital for six
months and succumbed to lung
complications. Her family did
several fundraisers but could not
reach their 3.5 million goal.
They also tried contacting their
area MP and other politicians
from Western Kenya but they
were rudely turned away which
left Lipesa with no option but to
send an SMS to President Uhuru.
It only took 30 minutes for Uhuru
to respond to her and called her
using his personal line. Uhuru
asked for Lipesa’s details and told
her to go pick her sister’s body
because he had already cleared
the Sh. 3.5 million bill.
Anita, go to the hospital and pick
up the body of your sister.
Everything is okay.”
These were the President’s magic
words that Lipesa will never