ni ku kiriki? c kiriki io

Si angesema offhead vile Potus alisema. Hii tabia ya kuandikiwa speech tutaendelea nayo mpaka lini waafrika? Its like you’re speaking sambarrys mind

he is not a good orator, not on obama’s level

Kwani all kenyan prezos are not good orators? Hata Kibaki alikuwa anasoma. It makes it look like you are forced to read it because your presence was required and not that you really wanted to because you care

thats why most off the cuff comments ni matusi

in kenyan politics, we still don’t have thorough bred politicians. Most of our politicians, their only claim to prominence is being so and so’s son.
Ile siku we start electing guys based on their track record, based on their oratory skills and ability to connect with people utaona some really good guys, whose only business is politics

Mko na shida na sio ya nguo…