President Uhuru getting fattened for slaughter?

A talker(I can’t remember who) recently castigated the NIS for failing to effectively predict (through informers)the supreme court judgement, I didnt think much of it. But that scok judgement was predetermined from these latest ongoings. All this happenings right from the court’s judgement to the IEBC debacle now points to a well ochestrated game plan by the opposition to score another sucker punch against UK. This is after (IEBC)deliberately sabotaging some process of the election to force the court’s judgement to go the way it went. The latest memo by Chebukati is also now part of all these shenanigan. A ploy so smart that when Uhuruto think they are a step ahead by busy hitting the campaign trail there opponents concentrate on churning out wellscripted propaganda from foreign mercenaries. The october 17 election date may never come to pass, hawa jamaa wanajaribu kukamatia UK chini through these syndicated actions from the scok to IEBC. Someone asked,what if Chebukati suddenly resign,well the constitution gets stuck, we get stuck in a limbo. These appointments by the Aibisii are already suspiciosly linked to Nasa’s game plan too. Nwe it will be interesting to see how the president’s advisors tackle this one, I [ATTACH=full]124660[/ATTACH] foresee a ruthless comeback by his team. Ps these are rants of a mlevi, but ulevi ya black label should not be judged on the same pedestal as that of a jugdaniels

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:D:D:D Uhuru’s hands are tied while his bunge brigade are thinking with their stomachs.

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Propaganda is part of the game my friend. They dont win elections plus i dont see how not having an election favours opposition.

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How do you know what you are saying? why did they elect Lusaka when a few days before nobody thought he was a contender

Why are you incoherent? Are you drunk like me?

I think after several accusations for being anti devolution Jubilee felt it was wise to have a former governor as the senate speaker.Secondly Lusaka is being rewarded for delivering few votes in Bungoma

It would mean a president with very diminished powers, the word is very, barely functioning, I now want you to employ your imagination on what a mischiveous opposition party could do

A caretakers govt till Aug next year as stipulated by the constitution

jubilee knows very well that as it stands, they don’t have the numbers. This is information from both NIS and their agents on the ground. If Raila manages to block all their rigging avenues, they will be cornered.
That is why they are currently trying their best to campaign and buy the loose leaders in the swing areas, with the hope of gaining the numbers to beat Raila.

On the other hand, Raila is in Nairobi trying his best to remove the rot in IEBC, the only obstacle to his presidency.

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What a reality…he got so many newly jubilee members yet only a few are being seen by his side.A thing that should tell him his bandwagon is in parliament for money and not to support him



Well, which article says this?

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Well well, when an unknown problem in algorithms happens (y=mx +c), you have to keep repeating yourself over and over again.

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if rao writes to iebc his intention to withdraw from the election then iebc will declare uhuru to be the president since he will have no opponent, there is no way the opposition will fail to participate, what they will do is create chaos a scenario where the elections have irregularities and force the sc to cancel the same again and force through a negotiated government.

If you look at the game plan, jubilee plan is campaign hard, nasa is basing their plans on pushing iebc into blunders, who will come out as the winner only maraga will decide.

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Thanks for this questions I was aboht to start a thread on this topic.