President meets chebukati

For the first time president kenyatta meets chebukati.

He can’t be meeting him for the first time… You wrong

Iebc were holed up for a crisis meeting all morning.
Now meeting President.
Jirongo bankruptcy orders suspended by High Court, what does that mean to the already printed ballots? Was it part of the scheme?

ION, Ekuru hana running mate. It will be a very weird week this.

Legally, the bankruptcy judgment stood at the time of printing, and the IEBC could not foresee the suspension. It should not have any consequences, and he cannot demand to be included at the 11th. hour.

Migune set that precedent after TWO running mates RAN away from his non-stop barrage of decibels.

Huyo hata Larry Madondo alimchapa equator. His blood does not agree.


BTW nimeskia if Uhuru signs the Election Act Bill, same time NASA will go to court, arguing, that the bill is contradicting the constitution on the chairperson definition. Thus are 99% sure that a order halting gazettement of the same will be issued. Again the 14 days period before a gazetted Act of Parliament iwe effective, but kuna a Jubilee MP said that Uhuru will backdate the bill to around the first week of October. Hii wiki itakua na mambo but lets wait and see.

Hio iko wapi? All I see is a hashtag by nasarites

even his shadow stopped following him around

The ballots include Jirongo

@Shakalakha jirongo naye anasumbua na vyenye hana wafuasi kama ile shipoto inaitwa @trix

Commercial break

That headline is misleading. It should be Chebukati meets the President.

Really?? Suspended?? Sometimes these courts are very stupid! Can’t they enforce anything??


Chebukati was just wasting time, he was told he should have gone to SC two weeks ago if the commission agreed to push the election date. Fortunately that the commission voted against that and its all system go. On any “dialogue” RAT begging mission, it can be discussed after the elections when all Kenyans have had their collective dialogue at the ballot.

The next 2 days will be very interesting

presidential Elections will be there on Thursday

Sioni, it’s all systems go, but let’s wait