President Maraga

Could it be that CJ Maraga has political ambitions??

For one reason or another, repeat presidential elections are not held within 60 days, the petition to annul the whole election succeeds effectively sending elected members including both house speakers home, so what happens?

Who is in line to take over as president??


If Karua’s petition to annul the whole election succeeds there will be no speakers…

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Because they were elected by products of a flawed process?


Yeah. Remember SC decisions are binding to lower courts

If it was possible maraga would accompany NASWA team in campaigns


Unless the ferkers at SCOK have nothing in their heads and dont live in this country, the election cannot be overturned in totality…constitutional crisis manenos


There’s also a very good reason why many Supreme Courts in the world never rush to annul presidential elections. The US one has on several occasions overlooked massive irregularities and upheld the elections since they are aware of the full implications such a drastic move would mean for the country.
Maraga and his thugs were simply reckless.


Fuak Maraga

Let us not burden CJ Maraga with too many speculative burdens.

It is already a tough order to release the full judgement in a form that would make sense. If it relied on Orengo’s unauthorised ICT audit report, which he only disallowed after Muite and Ngatia strongly objected, we have a major problem. If he says that irregularities were in the fake forms and unsigned returns, we have a problem again because the majority came from NASA areas and their removal would have reduced JaKuon’ tally seriously. Many arrests during the polling also found place in Mombasa and Nyanza.


Mnaiba halafu mnasema hakuna nullification? Puliiiizzz

The right decision was reached by the Judiciary. There are problems with the IEBC that need to be corrected. Even in the next 60 days. They remain too sloppy. It is not that Jubilee did not win. But the referee has to be with sound skills.

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What I tend to think is that the most important thing is the loyalty of vikosi vyote vya kijeshi to the president. If these guys, the Judiciary and every other goon, decided to be mischievous, the president, with the help of the loyal KDF, could be forced to declare a state of emergency and suspend the constitution ndio tuone Raila ni mwanaume kiasi gani!

May the almighty God forbid that scenario. Amen!