Now that its no secret Pres Uhuru will serve his second term, I would like to urge him to get a good govt spokesman.
His second term will be about his legacy.
He should scrap the office of state house spokesman. In case of urgent communication he should use the PSCU .
The Govt Spokesman should be an individual better than Alfred Mutua, the best spokesman Kenya has ever had.He should be the face of the govt. All communications to the public should be done through him.
The office should have weekly media briefings ,Friday at 1:30pm, live on KBC and other five popular channels.
These would be a platform for Pres. Uhuru’s govt to showcase the country’s progress.
Kiraithe has failed, he has no personality for the job.

You guy you really think you can run shit eh? As in you just wake up with opinions about what should be done by who.

Mara new NSIS mara spokesman next itakuwa nini exactly?

What are you currently running in your life apart from your mouth?

You expect alot of the govt, Fanya kazi yako nobody will bring you food


running your wife.

That comeback doesn’t even have context so the impact is d.O.A. Do what Jaymoh has said. Go run your life. You think you’re some govt advisor spy James bond ready and waiting to take Kenya back to 1972.
When you get some progressive ideas, come open another thread and post then.


stop being overexcited, I am just ordinary guy who writes what he thinks should be done by his govt , whether the govt cares or not, ideas being shitty or NOT.
So stop being an idiot.

You stop first then I’ll follow. It’s your thread.

Sifting thru these “ideas”, the scheduled press briefings sound good. Ubaya is that hardly anyone gives a ‘eff if it’s not juicy gossip.

kenyatalk iko na wajauaji wa ajabu. The other day this @Shegaj was a supreme judge, today he is a goverment strategist. And when Ouko queried some transactions he became an accountant. Sijamwona kwa thread ya Abba akiwa daktari yet…

yeah, the govt will get a chance to explain impact of the many development projects …etc etc


are you stalking me fag?



Ata mimi naonerea hiyo kiti ipewo mtu kama mwilu for weekly comic relief.

@1776 Leo you are on a roll… You are dropping like there is no tomorrow.


Uotp Indeed