Prepaid visa/mastercard

Now that Nakumatata is almost Kaput and my card already expired, where else can i get a similar card for my online purchases.
Unfortunately Airtel card isn’t the best, with a lot of failure when trying to purchase online.
Nipewe alternatives (for those who understand why we prefer prepaid cards)…


Chase bank Travelers Cards. Don’t know about the costs though.


KCB pepea card. Walk to your nearest banking hall and order one. It is free.

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Hehe nakumatata

Sandeni sana…

Go with Chase. Very good bank and very personal.

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Uko na cost yake?


I&M Mpesa Card iko fiti…



inawork na netteller?

Nakumatt Meru is redeeming points. You can exchange them for shelf air.

Naivas chasebank card.

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I dont think your Nakucard Mastercard will become obsolete just yet. Its backed by DTB bank. You should still be able to operate it through DTB and MPESA should Nakumatt go under.

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If only Nakumatatas expansion was Franchised, they would still be alive

CBA loopcard

The I&M prepaid card is good coz it it has a “wallet” for like 5 currencies but has a one off fee of like 2500/- or something like that

Family Bank mVisa.

Is there anyone benefitted from those points uchumi used to give you in your uchumi card? I would get discounts but that was in the early days of it being introduced. I dont remember any benefits after 2010

NIC Bank Multicurrency VISA Prepaid Card has worked best for me on my travels. The default wallet is in US$. No charges…just 400Kshs to get the card.

Stanbic bank