Premium IPTV Provider

Any Premium IPTV Recommendations…
Have tried Helix Hosting. Has some solid content but buffers too much…

Which ISP are you using plus bandwidth?

Being try couple of iptvee so basic all provide normal channels us uk etc but i got couple which actually provided dstv which i can say i really good bought 2 after trials so see how its goona be

You Can try king ott superb no buffering.are using mag or stb bla bla

Does king ott have DSV Sports Channels

Nop kingiptvee or best has n trust u gonna enjoy it

Thanks… what is the minimum internet speed required

Safaricon 5 Mbps. Looks like most require 10…

Good ones need more than 10 if you can manage you’ll have flawless streaming. Am on 20mbps doing Sonar IPTV.

Which one would you prefer plus links so I check out their content

There u go


Iptvbestv com

Thanks will check them out…will review after.