Premio 2008.....

I am shopping for a car and started with olx as a hunting ground.i have ccome across 2 units that i would like to choose from but there is a problem.They are too cheap.
Now this forum is known for giving some sound advice especially on these matters,and i therefore ask ,.Is it possible to get a toyota premio 2008 at 850k duty paid?. Even sbt will give this price as CIF.

I have attached the screenshots nisiwekwe kama HOYA nominee.

screenshot imekataa ku-upload


cheap is expensive…
ni heri u.import mpya… tafuta clearing agent mzuri na uendee gari kwa port

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Hiyo 850,000 ni CIF. Ongeza 350,000 ya import duty

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Angalia hapo chini, inasema all duties paid

Fact number one ni car that has been used for 8 years in Japan will have a mileage of 50k…a more realistic one will be btwn 70k to 100k…so hio hapo mileage has been tampered with…if you decide to buy insist uinyeshwe the import certificate/ report ndio ujue the proper mileage and grade rating…me I’d prefer mtu aende huko mombasa utembee hizo yards one by one uangalie for yourself


hizo gari definitely ina shida. 850 ata ist huwezi pata

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Anatafuta mtu wa kudanganya

2008 premio inarange from 1.2M to 1.4M, hio shuku…

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Well, if I were to really want to purchase what are the things to look for in addition to opening the bonnet and checking if there is an engine


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ukikubali kutoa pesa utawachwo ukisema "wooooooooooi’ amenicon

Open the driver’s door and check if there is a steering wheel and a seat.

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Ingine ndio hii[ATTACH=full]5543[/ATTACH]

I searched the number via trucaller, it came as Allion (hehe)… But what I want to know is what issues are likely to come up, could these units be ‘stolen’, could there be encumbrances,

Customs duty for those vehicles hasn’t been paid, that’s why they appear ‘cheap’. It’s a recent marketing gimmick and that’s why, invariably, all of them are in Mombasa.


Importing na vile dollar iko juu saa hizi.

Hiyo ni fake for an imported japanese car. Firstly, I dont think you can import 2007 used vehicles now(I could be wrong but the max age is eight years). Secondly, for any imported premio 2008, tax alone will always be about 850, 000 +, and this value does not change as per vehicle since tax is calculated with depreciated factory price as the base.

here is what I understand about the tax. Correct if you see mistakes.

To calculate tax for a used car import, take the base price(factory price), devalue the base price by 10% depreciation rate for every year of the age of the car. 2008 cars will have devalued by 70%. Find 25% of the value you get after depreciation and add it back to the value. find 20% of (depreciated base+25%) and add back again. then do another 16% of the total again and add back. Now do 25%+20%+16%(compound values). Whatever you got as your 25%+20%+16% in a coumpound calculation(if you know compound interest calculation, its similar) is your tax. There are small additional charges kama za plates and shit.

Now add your tax, which is likely to be the same figure for all premio(or any other model) 2008 with the same specifications, to the price they quote at sbt or wherever for cost, insurance and freight up to the destination port which is mombasa (CIF).

The 25%, 20% and 16% are different taxes.
KRA people can probably give you a .xls(excel) document showing base prices(factory/showroom) for almost all right hand drive vehicles.

Kwa hivyo hiyo premio yako ni kama walipewa huko japan.

TAX is often more than or equal to value of the car!!

Tax ni about 350,000. Use a duty calculator e.g.