Pregnant with Lilian

Sometimes I find myself watching Citizen TV and then the Viusasa previews of Pregnant with Lilian pop on my 65 inch, smart, curved Samsung TV that I acquired for a song!
I know the slay queens and slay kings and bitch ass men just love to see a (fellow) slay queen telling y’all how she ‘deals’ with her pregnancy. I want to assume she has invented something new that doesn’t involve
[li]Regular clinic visits[/li][li]Exercise[/li][li]Relaxation[/li][/ul]
I bet she won’t even give birth naturally or via CS.

Lilian Muli, a blonde chic, now is the SI unit of ‘how to be pregnant’. Stupid.

Now, I have decided to create a show that will rival this MF’ing show. My show will be very real and will be unedited as we explore ‘Kajiti Kameshika With Mworia’. There you will see the Miraa chronicles brought to you from Meru county all the way to Isiolo, Marsabit, Garissa, Wajir, Mandera, Nairobi and Mombasa. The counties that are lesser partakers of the hallowed vegetation will be featured as the show goes on. Ladies and gentlemen please subscribe to my YouTube’s channel that I’ll be launching in a fortnight just to create this show out of spite for Lillian’s show.

Meanwhile a stupid show doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t wanna bang her beaver.
Let’s satisfy ourselves sexually just like the doctor prescribed - one fuck three times a day.

And now, a pornstar’s image


calling a woman a chic is masking the potential hyena-like behaviors they can exhibit.

Kumbe sio Mimi tu. Hufikiria yeah Lilian is pregnant,then what?she is not the first nor will she be the last.she’s pregnant she should deal with it not involve us especially the hoi polloi eg…

Why would somebody buy a curved tv?

It’s like she is the first one to get pregnant.Very stupid show.

na hii mimba ya Lilian kwani iko special aje?

kwani yeye ndio mwanamke wa kwanza kutongozwa, kulalishwa kwa kitanda, kutolewa suruali, kupanuliwa miguu, kutombwa, kumwagiwa ndani hadi kwa uterus, na kushika mimba?

:D.That’s what comes to mind when i see that advertisement.

What I dont understand in this godforsaken badlands this side of hell is how a not-so-good-newscaster-whose-only-claim-to-media-stardom-is-chinese-weaves-and-fake-hips, becomes a specialist in everything. Next it will be Using your androidnyapdragon phone with Lilian

Huwezi change tu channel? Wewe na hiyo Lillian mko tu na umama sana.

All steps in reproduction have been highlighted. Bravo! You get an A. Hehehe.

Someone cannot change a channel because of a 30 seconds advertisement.Maybe he is not the one in control of the tv at that time.

Some men notice…[SIZE=1]acheni umama[/SIZE]…

:smiley: Relax-ini wakubwa. It’s called UMAMA, and unless one is gay hamuwezi elewa hiyo shit. Don’t even try rationalizing it…It’s absolute nonsense to a man but, hey, kumbukeni the Kardashians (I hate their show with a particular passion myself:() are billionaires today courtesy of UMAMA:saitan:

Okay otherwise how’s the kabati construction going?

Kabati iko imara kabisa.

Good to hear, Tulia tu kwa kabati na usisumbue kijiji.


I miss the old days when pregnant women were away from the public, almost hidden you know. Nowadays it’s like some sort of trophy.


hio mimba yake ingekuwa kama ya virgin mary sijui tungekuwa tunapitia wapi!!! aende pumwani aone vile wanawake wako na mimba refu huko na hawasumbui

:D:D:D wewe bana you know even some few decades ago menstruating women were hidden in the jungle till they were “healed”. Lets not go back there