Pregnant wife's bff

Pregnant single mum

I have this pregnant,single mum who lives a few blocks from my house. We started knowing each other when my son used to spend a lot of time on her place and i would go fetch him in the evening when he over stayed. She loves my son so much. I understand coz that happens to single people. They create an unconscious feeling of attachment towards a child,feeling that they are their own.
This lady started saying hi whenever we met and added a small conversation about my ‘good’. I would finish the conversation by just agreeing to everything and smiling and move away. Am not good at talking with ladies in public for long you know. Esp the single ones. Moshene itaanza and my wife would find out. Na atachomwa. She started being close to my wife and she came to house whenever i was not in. She would excuse herself and leave when i stepped into the house.
Soon she asked my wife to tell me to drop her to the clinic. I was not comfortable but my wife reminded me that she was single and didn’t have anyone nor a car to take her so…
I didn’t have a choice. I don’t know why pregnant women like short dresses. We used to see our mums with long free dresses but hawa wa Nairobi,i don’t know. Her pregnancy was like 5months. It wasn’t that big. This lady is like a parrot. She engaged me in a conversation all the way. There was a bit of traffic jam and it made our journey longer. I started liking her. Not sexually but the way she seemed intelligent and charming. I would steal glances at high thighs. You need to forgive me on this…her dress was short,her thighs were big and brown,her legs were apart due to her belly plus am a man. What do you expecti.
Stand by for part 2. Here on the main story

Part 2

We chatted as if we’ve known each other for long. She even told me how her bf have been a dick and not supportive. That aliruka just the day she broke the news to him. I took advantage and demolished his name by telling her how a pussy this dude is and that he should man up and take responsibility. She seemed so bitter. But i encouraged her to move on and do the best for the unborn president of Australia. If obama could,why not this human being in the womb. She looked at me and we stared at each other. I noticed how beautiful she was. I hadn’t taken time to keenly look at her. That is when i noticed that she had some nice sexy lips and eyes. Anyway when we arrived at the clinic,after stopping i told her to wait. i alighted and rushed to her side. This is rare in kalenjin world. But this is not 17th century. Its 2017. I opened the door for her and she was delighted. I held her hand and helped her out. Then escorted her into the clinic.
Again we had a great time talking to each other on our way back home. She told me that her baby was ok.

From that day onwards she wouldn’t mind staying in my house even on my presence. She went ahead and told my wife how lucky she was to have me. My wife asked me what i did ndio napendwa and i reminded her that she was the one asking me to run errands for her. My wife would get money from her whenever i went to the supermarket so that i could get her milk and stuff. I would pass by her house first and deliver the stuff and retreat to my house. She would urge me to get in but i denied.
Day by day we were getting closer n closer. I feared for what was growing. It wasn’t good. Soon she gave me her number. She strictly told me that it was our little secret. Whatsapp was created by saitan himself. It will finish us my people.
We started chatting from a casual good night to hi swee. From hi swee to i miss your smile. Hoooly cow.

Part 3 up next. Sorry for keeping you waiting but am very busy

Part 3

We developed a feeling for each other. One day,my wife went visiting her people over a weekend. Being alone,i started the drinking as early as 4pm. It was on a Friday and i left work early. Freedom is good and bad. At around 8pm i staggered home. I was typsy. I sat watching tv. Kidogo kidogo beep. It was a whatsapp message.‘Hi where are you’. I replied to her that i was in the house. Of cour

se she knew that i was alone since my wife had told her of her departure. We chatted for some few minutes before she said that i should go have supper in her house. I wanted to say no but the saitan who gave me alcohol was pulling my thumb and it typed,‘ok coming’. I swear i didn’t want to. So i picked my fisi body and hurried to her house before neighbours saw me. I knocked and she said ‘come in’. I pushed the door and jumped in,closing it as soon as possible. She looked at me where she was seated and asked,‘kwani umekunywa?’. I said no. She said,‘wacha uongo hebu songa hapa’. I went and sat next to her. She moved closer and said,‘hebu nikunuse’. She moved closer to smell my mouth. I held my breath. She told me to open it up and i started breathing slowly. Mmmm. We we kissing like hell. I don’t know what happened but yea. I liked her lips.

Part 4

The kissing was intense and nice. She knew how to kiss. She held my cheeks and caressed them gently. The tongue did the magic. I closed my eyes in sweetness. I don’t know how long it lasted but by the time my senses came back i was shirtless. My hand was on her clit. She was pantyless. I stopped and we both looked at each other. I was so embarrassed. I didn’t say a word. I grabbed my shirt and rushed out. I couldn’t believe that our feelings had gone that extreme. I became sober. I sat on the sofa watching tv. My mind was not in the tv but on the event that took place. I wanted it beyond that but was i doing the right thing?. I fought the urge to fuck her but it overwhelmed me. Mr dick was not demolishing the tent it had built on my trouser. I grabbed my phone and their was a message on the notification bar. ‘Sorry dear…i didn’t mean to’. I replied,‘its ok i too wanted that’. Then we chatted more. Knock knock. And she came in.
We couldn’t hold our feelings any more.

Part 5

We agreed on our chat that she brings supper for me. On arriving she placed the plate on the table and before she knew it,i was working on her lips. I pushed her to the table that holds books and magazines. I then pushed the on the floor. Our lips locked like hell. Now for those who have a condom being used on their minds,sorry to disappoint you. No one cares at this juncture. She sat on the table,legs apart as i kissed her. I pulled her dress up without difficulty. She opened my belt quickly and soon i was in. She lied and raised her legs as i slid my D in. Oooh the inside was warm. Very warm. Fuck a paged lady and you will know what am talking about. Now for those who have no idea,any man…even on viagra…cannot last more than at most two minutes. But i had a remedy for that. I would pump and when i was about to cum i would pull it out. Then continue kissing her big body…big boobs and belly. Again get in and she enjoyed every moment. We changed position and style because the table was uncomfortable. She held the coffee table as i entered her from behind. Doggy is one of the best styles for paged women. The belly pushes the nunu backwards…to you. Men sikizeni. Soon i couldn’t hold it anymore. I let go.

Part 6

Hakuna kitu tamu kama ya dem ana ball. After the steamy sex she went back to her house. I ate the food smiling and trying to convince myself that i did the right thing since she was single and she needed someone to fulfill her sexual urge. God was using me. It doesn’t have to be true but who knows. So after eating i decided to take back the plates…just incase i forget wife asizipate. I knocked on her door while looking over my shoulder just incase some neighbour was watching. She opened and after letting me in she closed the door with the key. She offered me juice 'ya kuteremsha food '. I felt relaxed…kwa wenyewe. I think its because i knew that no one was coming. We again started talking. She was seated close to me. One thing led to another and to say the truth,i spent the night at her place. We fucked like many shots!!. All styles. Early in the morning before wadaku waamke,i shot out and dashed to my house.

This was the beginning of a disaster. Part 7
I slept that morning orning till around midday. I was exhausted like a bitch. I then woke up and the first thing i usually check is my fon. I saw i had 5 missed calls from my wife. Again there was a message on whatsapp. It was from the lady. She was telling me to go have breakfast. So i decided to call my wife first before proceeding but she did not pick up. I looked out again for the nosy neighbors but they all seemed busy. I moved out casually,whistling so as not to bring suspicion that i was sneaking into her house. I even greeted one of my neighbors loudly so that they can know that i have nothing to hide. Then at the door i shouted ‘hodi huku’. And went in. I was on my weekend basketball shorts with a vest. I didn’t close the door but it had a curtain. She was lying on the couch. Her belly was protruding and it made her more sexy. She saw my and smiled. It made my knees to become a nylon. I went forward,knelt and kiss her. She kissed back and it brought a great sensation to my fisi body. Then she sat up and wrapped me with her legs around my waist. I couldn’t wait anymore. I pulled my shorts down and got into business. I put her legs on my shoulders and thrusted her so hard. She moaned in response. I rubbed her her nipples as i grinded her. The sweetest pussy i have ever fucked. She announced that she was cumming. I rubbed her clit as we both cummed. Yeeeeeees.

Part 8
I couldn’t take the breakfast because it would have brought suspicion on the nosy wadaku. So i had to leave first. I took a newspaper that God knows was how old and an ironing box. On the door loudly laughed loudly and said,‘hiyo ndio ujirani’. To confuse the bitch who was staring at me. I ignored her and went back to my house.
On the phone their were more missed calls. I called and my wife was on fire. “Wee hii ni nini naskia?,nini inaendelea hapo?. Eti ulilala na njeri?”. Hoooly shiiit.
My world stood still. Everything stopped. My heart,the wall clock,radio,the birds…everything went silent. I felt a cold sweat from my back down into the asshole.
She was breathing in rage and i could feel it. Now any man except those who don’t concede defeat would do this…“nani amekuambia?”. It gives you time to think very first. Then there was no way i was gonna accept. Just like the bungoma Spider-Man ata kama kuna video. “Kama kuna watu umewaandika wakuchungie nyumba, na unawaamini kunishinda,then wakuoe mimi na wewe tuachane”. It didn’t sound right but that is what the man in my mind told me to say. She thundered,“Oa njeri mimi sirudi”. And she hanged up. Saitan must have been on the ground laughing his ass off. I didn’t know what to do. I was so mad at the number one mdaku in Nairobi that was my neighbour. She had 411 on everything even the numbers of shots everyone had the previous night in the neighborhood. I wanted to go fuck her where she was doing the laundry at the tap but i didn’t have evidence. Any man has the urge to fuck a woman that has crossed their path to teach them a lesson.
Anyway i pleaded with my wife not to tell my inlaws anything and she should come over so that we can “talk about it”. This was through sms coz she wasn’t picking my calls. I told njeri about it and she said that she had too been called and warned of dire consequences. Come Sunday and she came back. I was in the house and she put down her luggage and she went for the door saying,“wacha nipate huyu malaya”. My son was right beside her and i jumped from the sofa and grabbed her. She was crazy and furious. She wanted to push me but i overpowered her. I told her to think about the consequences of her action,keeping in mind that she was paged,the children and the neighbours. Above all this wasn’t true. She seemed abit calm.
I don’t remember the amount of lies that i told her but i agreed that indeed i was brought supper and i didn’t know that it was wrong. On sleep over i boiled up and denied it saying that nilirudisha sahani and even went out. I didn’t spend the night in the house coz i partied till early morning. Then i did what was on my favour. I told her to call the reporter to

say it on my presence. Of course she wasn’t gonna sacrifice the only begotten mdaku.




I know you you got a nduthi. When did you acquire a car? Why you never brought us a picture?

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